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led street lights,become mainstream of smart cities in future

0 Crewei Technology Co.,Ltd 2020-03-16 20:50:14

Street lights are another led products application in the transportation system of smart cities. According to survey data from Philips, more than 300 million street lights worldwide, less than 10% of them use led bulbs, and less than 1% of them can centrally control switches and monitor the condition.

In the future smart cities, led street lights will not only become mainstream because they are more energy-efficient, but LED street light poles will also be transformed to use multiple things. American Tower and Philips Lighting have jointly developed a smart street light that not only provides energy-saving LED lighting, but also can be used as wireless network coverage facilities. At the same time, it can integrate into urban landscapes and play the role of landscape lighting.

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In San Diego, the number of smart led street lights with sensing functions will increase from more than 40 pilots to 3600, with a detection range of 160 square miles, equivalent to half of the entire city. This street light provideS more diverse applications, including monitoring air pollution, surrounding traffic conditions and parking information, and tracking the source of gunshots when a shooting occurs .

In the UK, the government has transformed a small number of led street lights and provide charging services for electric vehicles. In response to the UK's ban on the sale of gasoline and diesel vehicles in 2040, it has fully implemented policies for electric vehicles and clean energy.

In China, the popularity of smart street lights has also accelerated. Intelligent control of urban lighting in the future will also become mainstream. Manufacturers such as Huawei and Shanghai Sansi provide smart street light solutions, integrating functions such as sensors, security monitoring, information release, networking, charging, and emergency calling.