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What is the difference between energy-saving lamps and led lamps?

We can compare them from the below:

1.led lamps are divided according to the principle of light emission, and there are two types of tungsten filament white woven lamps and fluorescent lamps (fluorescent lamps); energy-saving lamps are divided according to energy consumption ratio, Distinguish non-energy-saving lamps.

led bulb, led lighting

2.if it is a led energy-saving lamp and ordinary "energy-saving lamps" (mostly fluorescent lamps). led lights are in the electro-optical light-emitting mode, tungsten filament white woven lights are in the electro-thermal-light emitting mode, and fluorescent lights are in the electro-thermal-electric-optical mode. It can be seen that the conversion efficiency of the led lamp is relatively much higher. In addition, led lights belong to cold light, tungsten white woven lights and fluorescent lights belong to hot light. The specific energy saving can not only be based on the luminous efficiency and the efficiency of the lamps, but currently the energy consumption ratio of the LED is relatively low, and the wattage required to achieve the same brightness is also lower.

led lamps, led light

3. led lamps are cold light sources. energy-saving lamps save energy due to special fluorescent materials. at the same voltage and power, led is the most energy-efficient, then energy-saving lamps, and finally ordinary light bulbs, so is the brightness.

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