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why led lamps need aging test?

most of the products just released on the production line.They have the complete functions at the time of design and can be put into use directly, but why still need aging test?

We know that most of led lighting products fail in the initial and final stages. The final stage is the normal life of the product and cannot be controlled, but the initial stage can be controlled before the led lighting product is delivered to the consumer. Full aging test, to kill the problem inside the factory, regular manufacturers do this, but some factories generally do not do this test or not give the consumer the aging test report, so we still buy some defective products.They don't take long before it is broken.

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In fact, this is the result of failing aging test. Because the consumer claimed part of the led product factory, generally the defective products will be much cheaper. Of course, lucky users sometimes buy defective products that can be used for a long time. If a product can work continuously for one day without failure, then it is likely to work for one year without failure. So if you buy a product that has not been broken for several days, then it may follow you for many years. In fact, this is the result of the aging test.