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LED light application:

  1)signal indication:signal led lighting is earlier area for led single color application,take about 4% of led lighting marketing.

  2)display.indication board,advertising board, big screen display.led display application takes about 20%-25% of led lighting application.display screen can be single color or multiple color.    

        led lighting, led lamp


  ①portable lighing:flashlight, headlight, minerlight,diving light,etc.

  ②car lighting:exalted brake light,break light,turning light, reversing light.big power led lights are widely used in car lighting.

  ③special lighting:solor power garden light,solor power street lamp,underwater light.Because led size is small and easy to control the brightness and color,they are suitable for building decoration lighing.

  ④back lighting:normal electronic equipment back power,notebook back lighting,big size and super size LCD display back lighting,etc.led lighting work as mobile back light is the widest application.

  ⑤normal led lighting:all kinds of led lighting,led lighting power can be used as commercial led lighting and household led lighting.

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